Sunday, February 23, 2014

REITs payout summary in Feb / Mar 2014

The date payable and the distribution per unit (dpu) of some of the REITs I am tracking are as follows:

Date payable Description Remarks
2014-02-25 Suntec 2.562c dpu
2014-02-27 Ascott REIT 3.698 dpu
2014-02-28 CCT 4.13c dpu
2014-02-28 FCT 2.5c dpu
2014-02-28 First REIT 1.97c dpu
2014-02-28 Keppel REIT 1.97c dpu
2014-02-28 Maple log 1.84c dpu
2014-02-28 Sabana 2.19c dpu
2014-03-06 Maple Ind 2.51c dpu
2014-03-27 Aims amp ind reit 2.77c dpu
2014-03-28 Far east hostpitality trust 1.42c dpu
2014-03-31 Croesus Retail Trust 5.24c dpu

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