Wednesday, February 19, 2014

CMT 3.08% 7 year bond balloting ratio

The balloting ratios for Capitamall Trust 3.08% bond is out. The public offer of $150M is 2.8 times over subscribed. Placement tranche of $50M is 2.4 times over subscribed.

1) There is a 100% chance of being allocated some units if you applied
2) If you applied for 11 lots or lesser, you would have gotten the full amount you applied for
3) For those who applied 1001 lots or more, they would have gotten 333 lots which translate to a coupon payout of $10,256.40 per year! 


Anonymous said...

is it really 100% chance ?i applied 5 lots but unsuccessful..

Mad Stranger said...

You should be allocated the full 5 lots. Or did you applied through your broker for the placement tranche?