Sunday, February 23, 2014

REITs payout summary in Feb / Mar 2014

The date payable and the distribution per unit (dpu) of some of the REITs I am tracking are as follows:

Date payable Description Remarks
2014-02-25 Suntec 2.562c dpu
2014-02-27 Ascott REIT 3.698 dpu
2014-02-28 CCT 4.13c dpu
2014-02-28 FCT 2.5c dpu
2014-02-28 First REIT 1.97c dpu
2014-02-28 Keppel REIT 1.97c dpu
2014-02-28 Maple log 1.84c dpu
2014-02-28 Sabana 2.19c dpu
2014-03-06 Maple Ind 2.51c dpu
2014-03-27 Aims amp ind reit 2.77c dpu
2014-03-28 Far east hostpitality trust 1.42c dpu
2014-03-31 Croesus Retail Trust 5.24c dpu

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Nikko STI ETF RSP (Feb 2014)

I bought 1 lot of Nikko STI ETF at $3.15 today for my regular savings plan for the month of Feb 2014. Details of all transactions for my rsp are logged here:

Snap shot of current units:
Total UnitsTotal CostAverage costLast DoneProfit/ Loss% Gain / Loss

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

CMT 3.08% 7 year bond balloting ratio

The balloting ratios for Capitamall Trust 3.08% bond is out. The public offer of $150M is 2.8 times over subscribed. Placement tranche of $50M is 2.4 times over subscribed.

1) There is a 100% chance of being allocated some units if you applied
2) If you applied for 11 lots or lesser, you would have gotten the full amount you applied for
3) For those who applied 1001 lots or more, they would have gotten 333 lots which translate to a coupon payout of $10,256.40 per year! 

Sunday, February 16, 2014

AIMS REIT 7 for 40 Rights Issue

AIMS REIT announced a 7 for 40 rights issue. The rights is renounceable which means that there will be a window for investors to sell the rights if they do not wish to participate in the rights issue. The issue price is at $1.08 per unit

An approximate $100M will be raised fro this rights issue. Of which, about $80M will be used to fund asset enhancement initiatives (AEIs), development or acquisitions. $17.2M will be used to pay down outstanding borrowings and the remaining 2.8M will be used to perform this rights issue exercise.

As there is nothing concrete given on the asset enhancement, development or acquisitions, we cannot determine if this rights issue will turn out yield accretive.

Based on the last done price of $1.415 on Friday 14th Feb 2014, the theoretical ex-rights price (terp) is
(1.08 * 7 + 1.4415 * 40 ) / 47
= $1.365

The issue price is at a discount of 20.9% to the terp

The indicative time table for the rights issue is as follows:

Investors have a few options for the rights issue:
1) exercise their rights
2) exercise their rights and apply for excess
3) sell their rights shares
4) sell their aims units before XR