Saturday, September 24, 2016

STI ETF (Sep 2016)

This is a continuation of the tracking of the STI ETF which I stopped since the introduction of the minimum commission on the stanchart trading platform.
I am still holding on the units for now. Any adhoc transactions will be updated accordingly.

Details of all transactions for my rsp are logged here: STI ETF RSP

Snapshot of my current units:

CounterTotal CostTotal UnitsAverage costLast DoneUnrealized
Profit/ Loss
Gain / Loss %
Realized Profit /
Loss / Dividend
STI ETF11,219.113500$3.21$2.89-$1,104.11-9.84%$557.60
Nikko STI ETF0.000$0.00$2.96$0.000.00%$114.15

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