Friday, August 22, 2014

STI ETF RSP (Aug 2014)

I bought 1 lot of Nikko STI ETF at $3.42 today for my regular savings plan for the month of August 2014. Details of all transactions for my rsp are logged here:

Snapshot of my current units:
CounterTotal CostTotal UnitsAverage costLast DoneUnrealized
Profit/ Loss
Gain / Loss %
Realized Profit /
Loss / Dividend
STI ETF3,258.351000$3.26$3.36$101.653.12%$45.00
Nikko STI ETF1,356.48400$3.39$3.40$3.520.26%$102.74


Anonymous said...

Just curious on how to calculate your unrealised profit/loss.. do you include dividends? you used to include one entry for october last year. did you miss out on the july dividend for nikko?

d:esmond; said...

How do you think the market is valued now? Its not exactly cheap right?

Mad Stranger said...

Hi Anonymous,
I do include dividends. Missed the July dividend earlier. Have updated it now.

Thanks for the reminder. =)

Mad Stranger said...

Hi desmond,
I do agree that things are not cheap now. I am still waiting for an opportunity to top up on my holdings.

In the meanwhile, my existing blue chips / reits can continue to provide me some dividends.