Thursday, May 22, 2014

STI ETF RSP (May 2014)

I bought 1 lot of Nikko STI ETF at $3.37 today for my regular savings plan for the month of May 2014. Details of all transactions for my rsp are logged here:

Snap shot of current units:

CounterTotal CostTotal UnitsAverage costLast DoneUnrealized
Profit/ Loss
Gain / Loss %
Realized Profit /
Loss / Dividend
STI ETF3,258.351000$3.26$3.30$41.651.28%$0.00
Nikko STI ETF337.86100$3.38$3.37-$0.860.00%$93.44

Other notes:
Dividend or Nikko STI ETF usually gets credited in May and Oct. However, there are some recent changes. The pay out month has been changed to Jan / July

An exract from the latest prospectus:
Distributions, if any, will be determined by the Manager. Currently, it is the Manager’s
intention to make distributions to Holders semi-annually around January and July of each year. The Manager will decide whether a distribution is to be made based on various factors, including dividend and/or interest income and/or capital gains derived from the investments of the Fund. Distributions will only be paid to the extent that they are covered by income received from underlying investments of the Fund and are available for distribution.

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