Saturday, May 18, 2013

APTT offering price and MIIF APTT Units

APTT IPO 's price has been fixed at $0.97.
The number of units for MIIF APTT units has been fixed at 525,866,849. Unit holders of MIIF (as of 6 May) could either choose to receive dividends in the form of Asian Pay TV Trust (APTT) units or receive the dividend in cash. The trust will be listed on 29th May.

The calculations for the number of APTT units or cash dividend as as follows:

APTT units = (S * U) / I  (rounded down to nearest whole number)

S is the number of Shares held by the Shareholder as at the Record Date for which such Notice of Cash Election relates;
U is the number of MIIF APTT Units which equates to 525,866,849 Units;
I is the total issued Shares of MIIF as at Record Date of 1,149,857,154

If you own 1000 MIIF units, you are entitled to:
1000 * 525866849 / 1149857154
= 457.33
= 457 units

If you own 1000 MIIF units, you are entitled to:
4573 units

If you are opting for cash, simply calculate the number of entitled APTT units and multiply by the APTT IPO price ($0.97)

If you own 1000 MIIF units, you are entitled to:
457 * $0.97 = $443.29

 If you own 10000 MIIF units, you are entitled to:
4573 * 0.97 = $4435.81

Other notes:
The default option is to receive in APTT units. If you would like to receive the dividend in cash, you need to mail back the notice of cash election.

For unit holders who are interested to apply for the APTT IPO, I would suggest to go for the units option as you are guaranteed the APTT units. If the total units received is not too little for your liking, you could apply additonal units via the IPO.

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