Sunday, March 10, 2013

Mapletree greater china commercial trust - first 2 days

Mapletree greater china commercial trust opens at a higher price than what I expected. Here are the price info for the first 2 days:

7 March: 
open 1.02, low: 1.02, high: 1.045, close 1.03

8 March: 
open 1.035, low: 1.035, high: 1.055, close 1.05

At its last done price of 1.05, the yield is only 4.96%. Currently reits are having an average yield of 5.68% (based on The current yield is no longer as attractive.

I have gotten some shares from the IPO and have sold at $1.04 on Friday. I will be reinvesting the proceeds to Mapletree Industrial trust instead. The current yield is about 6.7%

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