Wednesday, November 7, 2012

AIMS DRP (2Q FY2012)

AIMS REIT has announced a DRP issue price of 1.4378 for the period Jul - Sept 2012.  In an earlier post, I posted that participated in the previous DRP.

See SGX annoucement here:$file/AIMSAMPIREIT_DRP_Unit_Issue_Price_2QFY2013_distribution.pdf?openelement

 I will be participating in this round's DRP. Again, I will try to apply for an "optimal" number of units.

Some details to note:
DPU: $0.025
issue price: $1.4378
Last done price: $1.465
The amount of DRP units allocated can be calculated using the formula below:
N = (S * D) / V
N is the number of DRP units to be allotted and issued.
S is the number of participating units held by the unit holder
D is the qualifying distribution per unit. In this case, it is 0.025
V is the issue price of the DRP unit. In this case it is 1.4378
N will be rounded down. Any fractional entitlements will be disregarded.

Since D and V are fixed, we can re-write the formula as:
N = (S * 0.027) /1.1622

For those who want to calculate how many units they want to participate to get a certain number of units, they can use the above formula.

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