Monday, September 24, 2012

Far East Hospitality Trust:

It has been about a month since Far east hospitality trust has listed. Today, it hit its all time high of 1.04 today and closed at 1.035. I was quite surprise by the huge jump of 3.5% from its closing price of $1 last Friday. As I mentioned in some of my previous posts, I was only expecting Far East Hospitality Trust to trade between $0.97 and $1. The volume was similar to that of Friday.

At this price, it has increase by $0.105 from its IPO price of $0.93. That is more than a 10% increase. Its yield has dropped to 5.39%. Comparing to other similar hospitality trusts, Ascendas H Trust is giving 7.445% and CDL H trust is giving 5.773%. This makes them more attractive in terms of yield. Perhaps I should relook at Ascendas H Trust and see if it is worthed buying.

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