Friday, August 24, 2012

Far East H trust balloting ratios

The balloting ratios are out as follows:

In general, there is about 40%-50% chance of balloting successfully. There are a total of 9563 successful applicants.

On the lower bands, the balloting results were some what similar to that of Ascendas Hospitality trust where the first band are allocated 1 lot and the second band are allocated 3 lots.
On the higher bands, we see a bigger difference as Far east hospitality trust is more heavily subscribed.

Looking at the highest band, 37 individuals applied for more than 1000 lots ($930,000 in value) successfully. Since 2/5 are successful, it works out to 92 or 93 individuals on this band. There are so many rich people out there.

The counter will open on 27th August at 2pm.

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