Thursday, April 19, 2012

Genting 5.125% 1st trading day

Today is the first trading day for Genting 5.125%. Some quick number for today's trading for this counter:

Open: 1.002
High: 1.013
Low: 1.001
Volume: 14,473 lots
Closed: 1.012

The next coupon payout date is in 6 months time. As the date draws nearer, we would see it rise slowly. But the the next 1-2 months, I think it is likely that this will stay close to par value of $1.

Other thoughts:
The rich gets richer. In my last post, we saw that 22 people who applied more than 1000 lots getting 500 lots each. 2 people who applied more than 1800 lots got 889 lots each.

These people's assets just increased by $6000 or $10668 each. If the 1st group were to keep their 500 lots, they will be getting $25625 per year from this alone. How many people can even save that amount in a year?

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