Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Huge jump for AIMS

AIMS jumped up by 6c today, closing at a 1.085 today. this increase is a little unusual for AIMS. Since its share consolidation of 5 shares to 1 shares, it has been moving in small steps of less than 2c per day. Today, there is a sharp jump even though there are
1) No announcements by AIMS today
2) High volume
3) Other industrial REIT counterparts did not rise sharply. For example:
  • Maple Industrial REIT: closed at 1.12, up 0.01 (+0.90%)
  • Maple Logistics Trust:  closed at 0.89, up 0.01 (+1.14%)
  • Sabana REIT: closed at 0.91 , no change (+0%)

I think for the next few weeks, AIMS should stay between $1.00 and $1.10. $1.10 will be a very strong resistance. Even though it touched 1.10 briefly today, I doubt it can break this resistance any time soon.

This rise is likely to affect its industrial REIT counterparts, I bought 2 lots of Sabana REIT today. Sabana REIT is currently the 2nd highest in yield (~9%). Even if Sabana REIT were to fall over the next few weeks, I should still be receiving decent yield for it.

For fellow AIMS investors, we will be receiving out income distributions for AIMS next month (a $26 per lot). I look forward to the mini angpow that is coming in a month's time..

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