Saturday, January 14, 2012

CapMallsAsia - up up and away

With all the attention on CapMallsAsia bond, CapMallsAsia (CMA) has been creeping up quietly, closing at 1.26 last Friday. From the charts, we see a consecutive 4 day increase touching the resistance level of 1.26. This price is also higher than its 50 day moving average. CMA was probably one of the best performers in 2012, with an increase of 11.95% from its closing price of 1.13 on 20 Dec 2011.

If this resistance can be broken, the next resistance we are looking at will be 1.31. Otherwise, the support level is around 1.2

These prices are still far from its IPO price of 2.12 back in end 2009. Back in 2009, CMA shot up to above 2.6 after its IPO before crashing down. 

Some other recent statistics :
52-Week High (Feb 9, 2011):2.05
52-Week Low (Dec 30, 2011):1.13
50-Day Moving Average:1.21
200-Day Moving Average:1.29

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